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How it Works

In making decision or action company need to understand what is happening inside the business and how to optimize & convert into profit. Retail analytics focuses business insights related to sales, inventory, customers and other important aspects crucial for business on making fast & correct actions.

Many BI tools provide all kind of MIS which are easy to read but complex to understand, they do not have correct direction from the data, Fabi Analytics help users to explore the data complicity and convert the information on actionable facts. To identify the current health of business along with essential requirement what data is leading to make right choices to run business performance more sufficiently and deliver improved customer satisfaction.

The field of Fabi Retail Analytics goes beyond superficial data analysis, using techniques like Data Mining and Data Discovery to sanitize datasets to produce actionable Dashboard that can be applied in the short-term and long-term.

Moreover, business use these analytics to create better snapshots of their target demographics by harnessing sales data analysis, retailers can identify their ideal customers according to diverse categories such as age, preferences, buying patterns, location and more.

Business Performance

  • The point is that the business is in the right direction, retail key metrics takes a big part to generate actions on looking the calculated measures of Footfall, Conversion, UPT, ATV, ASP & etc.

  • Business can see, what are the areas need immediate attention, what is the reason of decline, what is and what should analysis to improve the Sales performance.

Category performance

  • Often, retailer revenues can be predominantly related to sales registered for various item categories rather than the sales of particular brands. Consequently, the results of % Sales by product category are vital for the effective management of one product category and ultimately for the overall revenue.

  • To improve in category turnover and growth business need to identify what is the reason of product category growth or degrowth.

Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Demand based replenishment, what product location have minimum quantity.

  • How the business fill rate is performing

  • What Products are going out of stock

  • Status of GIT, GRC etc..

Local Store Optimization

  • Store location city, Area, Customer demography

  • Identify the heath of each location is necessary to have location wise analysis.

  • Behavior of common cluster location.

Option Performance

  • What contribution of option in each division is performing based on low, medium, high.

  • What store and option are high sellers, average seller or low sellers.

  • What article option are more or less selling.

  • What option high or low in demand base on season.

Forward days of supply

  • Potential variance of sales in the coming days due to seasons. festivals. essentially arriving at an actual sales for each SKU in time to come.

  • Identify the top products as per their sales pattern and view the daily perfor-mance.

  • Accordingly the days of supply store gets updated on what fast moving products stock cover they have.

Season & Festival Performance

  • How the product at article level is performing.

  • What product are high impact on season start, in season or ending the season.

  • What inventory suppose to be there in season start.

  • What are the store operation area need to be prepared.

Loyalty Program

  • Calculate Your Customer Retention Rate

  • Understanding Your Customers' Needs.

  • Create Customer Segmentation Analysis Report

  • Measure Your Customer Loyalty based on weekly, monthly & quarterly visits.

  • Monitor Customer Reactions with Promotions and Product Recommendations

Bill Cut Analysis

  • The focus on this analysis is differentiate bill segment.

  • Identify what location have similar segment.

  • What impact come on bill size promotion.

  • What & how to reduce or increase segment of bills.

Retail Measurement

  • What are top promotion in terms of liquidation.

  • Impact of promotion on group article sales.

  • Margin analysis on promo start and end.

  • Intelligence to create effective promotion base on history.

Purchase Decisions

  • What drive customer to purchase on particular amount on sale.

  • What Month, Season, festival etc drive customer purchase behavior.

  • What are the common customer of the same behavior.

  • Major factor in bring customer spending optimize.

Shelf Optimization

  • The focus on this analysis is differentiate bill segment.

  • Identify what location have similar segment.

  • What impact come on bill size promotion.

  • What & how to reduce or increase segment of bills.


  • Impact of age, gender, sex, religion etc on location cluster.

  • Income and spending group of individual location.

  • High, medium & Low cluster on deferent patterns.

  • Forecasting of location profitability

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Data is everything, when looking into data everyone have their different prospective related to their skill and understanding but the data speak beyond. Fabi Analytics dig in data to see all kind of information.

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