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A way food and beverage to reduce shelf life & convert into profits

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How we do it?

Enhancing end-to-end
supply chain visibility

A supply chain analytics

Improve demand
forecasting efficiency

We understand the importance of what you do when it comes to determining food's nutritional value and quality and ensuring food safety. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products and reliable testing solutions for your analysis workflow. From matrix processing to quantification and standards, we are your partner in helping you to deliver more accurate results and meet regulatory demands in order to keep our food safe

Positioned at the forefront of market intelligence, Fabi Analytics has carved out a niche for itself as the premier provider of market intelligence solutions for leading players across industries. Our unmatched market intelligence solutions, consulting, and in-depth market assessments are well-known among industry leaders for their ability to solve the toughest challenges faced by industry players. With expertise across 50+ industries and business functions, we deliver transformational solutions to fulfill the needs of a more demanding, smarter world

Product location base demand analysis

  • Customer purchase once in 3 to 6 months

  • Number of customer compliances vs customer back out.

  • Customer feedback Analysis (NPS)

  • Customer services analysis (Internal)

Best before sold analysis

  • Product date analysis based on sales

  • Top & bottom product based on sale within one month from DOM & DOE

  • Age forward cover days base

  • Food vs non food analysis

Distibution fill rate analysis

  • Daily Fill rate and location consumption

  • Pending order Vs loss of sales

  • Promotion or offer based fill rate

Season demand analysis

  • Seasonal Product and demand analysis

  • Season start date, within the season & ending the season analysis

  • Season based promotion margin and liquidation analysis.

Compliment Product analysis

  • Product pairing demand analysis

  • Season pairing demand analysis

  • Location based pairing demand analysis

  • Customer pairing analysis (Internal)

Planning and marchandising

  • Product MBQ vs Sales contribution

  • Planning and merchandise gaps

  • Forecasing on merchandising liquidation plan on item level

Supply and Margin analysis

  • Profit or loss if delay in supply

  • Location wise sale margin & margin growth

  • Supply Vs Sales Analysis

Price and Promo factor analysis

  • Price sensitivity analysis

  • What promo price have better impact.

  • Factor and time for the price promo analysis

Quality Control analysis

  • Daily based quality check analysis

  • Quality check Vs supply analysis.

  • Repeat default vendor & Product analysis

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Data is everything, when looking into data everyone have their different prospective related to there skill and understanding but the data speak beyond. Fabi Analytics dig in data to see all kind of information.

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