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How we do it?


"According to the global analysis, Artificial intelligence in the retail market is estimated to be US$ 27.2 billion by 2025. Driven by the changing customer preferences and their shopping patterns are the major key factors for this growth"

Analytics without Artificial Intelligence is like a lock without a key. A race car without a steering wheel. Yes, AI is becoming all that more important as businesses are getting highly competitive and consumers are getting smarter and demanding. It lets you focus on important aspects of your business, achieve goals that really matter instead of worrying and spending crucial time analysing reports and data sheets.

Turn objectives into action. That’s what AI can do with predictive and prescriptive analytics and that’s what aarleo has been doing and taking strides ahead of the rest.

There are plenty of forecasting solutions available in the market but there are only few who understand retail supply chain well to design to handle the complexity involved


Auto-Replenishment Benefits
  • Higher product sell-through

  • Minimize inter-store transfers

  • Minimise the days of stock-on-hand

  • High availability of stocks at all channels

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Avoid stockout situations

In today’s complex retail business with omni-channel environment, it is vital that the stock allocation is done more efficiently. This is important because even if you have dozens of retail stores, the allocation of available inventory to any one of them can have a profound impact on overall sell-through rate and cost of inventory.
But it’s not easier than said as it is affected by everything from the product assortment, ever changing customer’s buying pattern, economy, weather and future events. Too much inventory is costly while out-of-stock merchandise leads to loss of sales and customer. Through AI-driven models we not only forecast accurately but we automate the stock replenishment. The tool also allows you to customize the set of rules which are pre-built in our product, change weightage on selected parameters and add new parameters or rules for a selected region or category to manage the company’s objectives or any specific local events.

“Succeeding in today’s complex omni-channel environment means striving to achieve the perfect inventory allocation across multiple locations & channels at a time”

Our solution will be the ‘central intelligence’ of your inventory planning organization and helps pre-empt threats on your supply chain objectives. We don’t just replicate ideas; we are advancing supply chain thinking and helping you achieve extraordinary results.


Auto-Replenishment Benefits

Did you know that Amazon earns more than one-fifth of its North America retail revenue because local stores can’t forecast accurately? Forecasting is essential for retailers as it helps to improve both revenue and margins. Because if you’re carrying extra stock or don’t have enough to meet demand, you’re losing money either ways. It’s important to have an answer to below questions for better forecasting.

  • What grain should it be?

  • Top-down or bottom-up? Which is better?

  • Forecast the units or currency? Which is better?

  • How far into the future should I forecast?

  • Do I have enough quality data?


Using the power of machine learning, we cover the larger set of data that helps to find the patterns that humans can’t detect. We not only consider the past, present and future, we also consider external variables and contextual data such as calendar of events, seasonality, weather and macro economic data to deliver accurate forecasts.

  • It helps you in planning, inventory optimization, decrease operational costs and improve customer satisfaction

  • Adapt to recent trends, seasonality, out-of-stocks, and promotions, and other demand drivers

  • Better engagement of customers and augment the forecasting process while maximizing the agility of your business

  • Customize the forecasting based on short and longlifecycle products

  • Maximizing the productivity of your team with exception-driven processes paired with our domain experience

  • Flexibility to forecast by channel/ by store/ by category/ by product attribute

Significant reduction in the time and effort to do forecasting and managing supply chain, allowing the business to focus on what matters most.

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Data is everything, when looking into data everyone have their different prospective related to there skill and understanding but the data speak beyond. Fabi Analytics dig in data to see all kind of information.

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